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Of course, everyone has personal problems in his life, such as marriage & divorce.

Marriage & Divorce

Law Office HMA experienced in handling cases of marriage and divorce in a professional. We always put the client as a partner and make you part of any process of solving legal problems and the search for a solution. So that the problem can be handled in a professional client, fast, precise and accurate.

We can help clients who will perform the marriage and divorce proceedings were lawful. Here are some kinds of cases of marriage & we deal with divorce:

  • Divorce Lawsuit & Divorce in religious courts
  • Divorced sues for non-Muslims in the State Court
  • Sues Divorce for civil servants, TNI, Police and employees of SOEs Others
  • Maintenance Compliance for Wife Sues
  • Jerk Joint Distribution Assets (Gono-gini)
  • Sues Mastery & Babysitting
  • Marriage confirmation Series
  • Polygamy confirmation
  • Marriage Indonesia – Foreign
  • Marriage dispensation
  • Nullity
  • and so forth