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“When facing the realm of law, especially the Special Criminal, the sooner begun consultations with legal experts will save money and time”

Special Criminal Case

Everyone wants to live a decent and happy. Nobody ever guessed and imagined would be involved in corruption cases, carried promiscuity like drugs. No suspect or writing in social media to bring someone into the realm of law.

Para lawyer handal HMA & Partner ready to assist you as a consumer who feels aggrieved by a product, so the loss of material, physical, health or loss of life. Even the right of your work plagiarized by people / companies.

In the field of special criminal cases, Our office can handle various legal, such as mentioned below :
  • Corruption Cases, Mark Up dan Gratifikasi
  • Drug Abuse
  • Criminal Law on Electronic Information Transformation (ITE)
  • Criminal Immigration
  • Criminal Consumer Protection
  • Criminal Intellectual Property Rights
  • and so forth