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Our attention to detail article by article, point by point

Law of Treaties / Contract

Since the establishment of HMA and Partners Law Office, has handled many things Agreement. The experience makes us a very detailed attention to clause-by-clause and point by point the existing agreements.

HMA and Partners law office, ready to assist clients in making agreements or contracts - contracts and other legal documents required, either by the client as a personal or on behalf of the company, as follows :

  • Cooperation Agreement
  • Purchase Agreement Land and Housing
  • Rental Agreement
  • Debt Agreements
  • Chartering Agreement EMPLOYMENT
  • Settlement Agreement
  • Swap agreements
  • Loan Agreement
  • Grant Agreement
  • Goods spying agreement
  • Borrow and Use Agreement
  • and so forth

Given the importance of these legal documents, then in making such legal documents, HMA and Partners Law Office, very concerned right, both in content and in terms of its legal, considering a legal document can be declared null and void / does not apply if it is contrary to legal documents applicable law.