About us

About us

Law Offices of HMA and colleagues, Advocate office is established on the basis of a desire to realize the principle of equality under the law with justice and answer the needs of quality legal services.

Guided by a deep understanding of client needs, HMA and Partners Law Office, working professionally put clients as partners and be part of the process of solving legal problems and finding solutions. So that the problem can be handled in a professional client, fast, precise and accurate.

Since the establishment of HMA and Partners Law Office, has handled many criminal and civil cases, both assist and represent clients as plaintiffs, defendant, applicant, defendant, and assist as a suspect, defendant.

We also defend the rights of workers, trademark dispute, patent, bankruptcy, companies problems, divorce including land, immigration, insurance and banking, taxation, marriage, heritage, trading, labor and labor, right of ownership, foundations and others.

With our experience, idealism, professionalism and all the expertise that we have in the field of law, we will dedicate ourselves to provide the best legal services, both litigation and non-litigation.

” Our success has always been based on the strength of the relationship with the client in a bond of mutual trust, honesty and commitment. “


Vision and mission


Make HMA and Partners Law Office is reliable recognized nationally and internationally in servicing and maintaining the client of the legal issues and find solutions.

  • Defending the interests of the clients to the fullest with lawful.
  • Help meet the needs of companies and individuals as clients with professional, fast, High quality and accurate in all aspects of legal services.