These Terms Determination of National Hero title by Rule Legislation

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These Terms Determination of National Hero title by Rule Legislation
The title is awarded to the country that gave the president a person who has been killed or died in the struggle, dedication, dedicated, and outstanding work to the nation.

Ini Syarat Penetapan Gelar Pahlawan Nasional Menurut Aturan Perundang-Undangan


Every 10 November, Indonesia commemorate Heroes. President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) recently conferred the title of national hero to KHR As'ad Syamsul Arifin. But did you know, how one can be crowned as a national hero? The terms of what needs to be fulfilled by a person that he is entitled has been named as a national hero?

As quoted from clinic hukumonline, all about heroes regulated in Law No.20 2009 about title, decoration, and Honors. Article 1 number 4 explain, national hero is a title given to Indonesian citizens or someone who fought against colonialism in what is now the territory of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) who fall or died for the sake of defending the nation, or that during his heroic action or produce a performance and outstanding work for the development and progress of the nation and of the Republic of Indonesia.

Understanding the title itself is a national award given by the President to a person who had fallen or died of struggle, dedication, dedicated, and outstanding work to the nation. This is described in Article 1 number 1 UU No. 20 Year 2009.

Article 4 sentence (1) UU No. 20 Year 2009dan Article 2 sentence (1) Government regulations (PP) 35 Years 2010 on the Implementation of the Law No.20 2009 about title, decoration, and Honors, reaffirmed that the title given in the form of National Hero. The degree is awarded by the President through the Presidential Decree. It is stated in Article 32 Law No.20 2009.

National hero title includes all kinds of titles ever given earlier, namely Heroes of Independence Pioneer, National Independence Hero, heroes Proklamator, National Revival Heroes, heroes of the Revolution, and Heroes Ampera. In this provision, excluding the honorary title of Veterans of the Republic of Indonesia. To obtain the title of national hero, must meet the general conditions and special requirements as set out in Article 25 and Article 26 UU No. 20/2009, that is:

1. general conditions (Article 25 UU No. 20/2009): a. Seseorang still atau yang di Wilayah berjuang yang sekarang menjadi Wilayah NKRI; b. moral integrity and exemplary; c. contributed to the nation; d. good behavior; e. faithful and not to betray the nation; and f. never been sentenced to imprisonment by a court decision which has obtained permanent legal force for committing a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment for a minimum 5 (lima) year.

2. Special Requirements (Article 26 UU No. 20/2009) apply for the title of national hero awarded to someone who has died and who during his life: a. never led and armed struggle or political struggle or fight in other areas to achieve, snatch, maintain, and independence and to realize national unity;

b. never give up on the enemy in the fight; c. do devotion and struggle that lasted almost throughout his life and beyond the task at hand; d. never bore a great idea or thought that can support nation building;

e. never produce great works that benefit the public welfare or enhance the dignity of the nation; f. has the consistency of national soul and spirit high; and / or g. struggle that has greater reach and impact at the national.

To note that the selection of heroes, the initiative of the state should not only. Article 30 sentence (2) UU No. 20/2009 and Article 51 sentence (1) PP No. 35/2010 mentioned that the proposal giving the title, honors and distinction can be submitted by individuals, state institutions, ministry, non-government agencies Ministry trian, local government, organization, or community groups.

The proposal addressed to the President of the Council Holds, decoration, and Honors (Article 30 sentence [1] UU No. 20/2009). Council Holds, decoration, and Honors is the council tasked with providing recommendations to the President in awarding, decoration, and honors (Article 1 number 9 UU No. 20/2009).

Article 52 PP No.35 / 2010, described in more detail on the mechanisms proposed awarding petition, namely that the awarding filed by regent / mayor or governor to the Minister who held government affairs in the social field. Furthermore, the Minister of government affairs in the social field to apply motion giving the title to the President through the Council Holds, decoration, and Honors.

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