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Just Kang Emil and Risma, Strong Candidate Challenger Ahok

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Holden Makmur:
BERITABUANA.CO, JAKARTA – Social and political observer Dr. Holden Makmur estimates that if the mayor of Bandung Ridwan Kamil (Kang Emil) or East Java Mayor Tri Risma forward as a candidate for Jakarta governor, Basuki Tjahaja both potentially beat Full or Ahok as incumbent candidates.

“Ridwan Kamil and Risma arguably be the strongest candidate to beat the popularity Ahok. Both figures were likely to be the Governor of DKI, the results of various surveys have proven institutions, a difference of support to Ahok, Ridwan Kamil not far adrift Risma,” Holden said to reporters in Jakarta, Thursday (4/2/2016).

According to Holden both Ridwan and Risma potential to go forward and win elections Jakarta 2017. Both have a track record and good performance while leading Bandung and Surabaya.

He stated, The second figure is a phenomenal leader, not much to say but to give evidence of work. As a young leader figure, Ridwan Kamil became a figure of inspiration and pride as well as the beloved community.

“He creates a strategic innovation for the advancement of Bandung in the future, although it does a simple but very meaningful and touching the sides of the humanitarian community Bandung,” he said.

Likewise, the Risma, Holden argues that concerned shall already known to be close to the people in Surabaya, has a good track record, plus the many achievements and awards that have been achieved such as being the best mayor in the world 2014.

“This is not just a matter of local pride Surabaya, Indonesia raised the nation's good name. Because it is only natural that the many political parties attracted to woo them to be a candidate for governor in the elections of Jakarta later,” said Doctor graduated from Philippine Christian University, The Philippines.

Indeed, he said, still a question mark whether they are willing or not. But he estimates, Ridwan Kamil possibility would be willing to go forward if the proposed political party to run for.

Related to figure lieutenant governor candidate, Holden says, DKI Jakarta Regional Secretary Saifullah and young entrepreneurs Uno Sandiago suitable and deserve accompany Ridwan Kamil or Risman.

Saefulla are indigenous Betawi successful career as a civil servant in this position until now. He will better understand the characteristics of how to build community Jakarta.

While Uno Uno by Holden has the soul of a visionary, as an entrepreneur who was born in the era of crisis 98. Therefore, he assured, Sandiago can understand how development in Jakarta should do.

“Leading Jakarta not only with bold and resolute course, Jakarta people want leaders who wisely in mapping out the existing problems and to provide role models for the community,” clear Holden.

But added Holden, any candidate contesting in the elections Jakarta later, should those who understand the intricacies of the problems that occurred in Jakarta.

Leading by a wise and visionary, because there are a number of issues which were highlighted in Jakarta, among others flooding, the transport system, and improvements to the slum, Holden said Makmur. (Ansis)

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