Jaksa Agung Rotasi Jabatan Jaksa Agung Muda

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Jaksa Agung Rotasi Jabatan Jaksa Agung Muda
Friday, 30 October 2015
HUKUMONLINE.COM-Jaksa Agung, HM Prasetyo melantik lima Jaksa Agung Muda (JAM) di Gedung Sasana Baharuddin Lopa Kejaksaan Agung, Friday. R Widyo Pramono yang semula menjabat JAM Pidana Khusus menjadi JAM Pengawasan, Arminsyah yang semula JAM Intelijen menjadi JAM Pidana Khusus.

JAM Intelijen akan diduduki oleh M Adi Toegarisman yang sebelumnya menjabat sebagai Kepala Kejaksaan Tinggi DKI Jakarta. While the position of General Crime JAM will be occupied by Noor Rochmad that originally served as JAM Civil and Administrative (Datun). Datun JAM position occupied by Setyo Wahyudi.

Prasetyo said the inauguration was repositioned for refreshment so that the organization running is getting better. “This refresher by putting the right people,” he said.

He reminds a task that will confront the new JAM was more severe as the crime of corruption is increasingly massive and aggressive. JAM new law should deal with the dynamics in the country such as legislation and a number of regulations. “It has to be faced by the new JAM,” he said.

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