This grille PP Revised Mining The new provisions will load about a contract extension and mechanisms for divestiture. The Government denies want to entertain Freeport.

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This grille PP Revised Mining
The new provisions will load about a contract extension and mechanisms for divestiture. The Government denies want to entertain Freeport.
Tuesday, 03 November 2015
Ini Kisi-kisi Revisi PP Usaha Pertambangan

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HUKUMONLINE.COM-Government will soon issue a revision of Government Regulation (PP) No.77 Tahun 2014 on the Third Amendment to the Regulation No.23Tahun 2010 Business Activities on the Implementation of Mineral and Coal. The revision was due to a one realization of the economic policy package in the energy sector. One of the important points in the revision policy It concerned a contract extension.

The plan, through the revision of the PP government would make concessions to businesses in filing a contract extension. Director General Mining of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR), Bambang Gatot, said in the proposed draft revision PP option, filing a contract extension can be done long before the contract expires.

PP based 77 Years 2014, CoW holders (KK) and Coal Mining Agreement (PKP2B) may submit a new extended two-year contract before the contract expires. Meanwhile, in the draft revision of PP is ten years earlier.

According to Bambang, proposed ten years based on a consideration of data and research. He considered, rules which only allow the submission of the previous two-year extension, not to provide legal certainty. Whereas investment commitment of very large mining companies.

He said, Companies can apply for an extension of the previous ten years had to meet two criteria. First, perusahaa mineral logam memiliki nilai investasi yang besar. Besides, risiko yang harus ditanggung pun tinggi.

“Dengan begitu jika berhasil direvisi, maka semua perusahaan tambang yang mengantongi izin KK, akan dilihat nilai investasinya terlebih dahulu,” katanya, Monday (2/11).

Selain perubahan aturan mengenai jangka waktu pengajuan perpanjangan kontrak, revisi PP akan menyasar soal divestasi. According to Bambang, perlu ada aturan yang detail mengenai mekanisme divestasi itu. Ia menuturkan, yang terjadi saat ini adalah kekosongan hukum sehingga tak ada petunjuk yang jelas mengenai hal itu.

“Hingga saat ini aturan teknis pelaksanaan divestasi tersebut belum ada. Jadinya memunculkan kebingungan,” ungkapnya.

Di dalam PP No. 23 Year 2010, memang ketentuan yang ada hanya mengatur kewajiban divestasi saham bagi perusahaan tambang asing. The obligation applies to foreign companies that are already in production for five years. Besides, there are also arrangements regarding the amount of divestiture as set out in Article 97 PP No. 23 Year 2010. It is just, there is no clause on how the divestiture should be done.

Bambang said, provisions regarding the divestiture detailed mechanism will be set in a Regulation of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources. Not only that, thinks, ESDM will also be set up in case the divestment shares not taken up by the government. Bambang said, secondly it had to be clarified in the legal umbrella.

According to Bambang, the proposed revision of the current regulation has been submitted to the ministry of the Coordinating Ministry for Economic. He hopes in this revision of the regulation will be completed. It is just, thinks, it relies on the discussion at the ministerial level coordinator.

On the other hand, Bambang argued that the proposed revision of the Regulation on the duration of a contract extension and mechanisms related to the divestment of one raksaa mines in Indonesia. Bambang explicitly mentions, steps are taken it is not to please PT Freeport Indonesia, were discussed by many related to a contract extension and divested. He asserted that if the revision of the Regulation will apply, then all mining companies will be subject.

“PP revision was not to entertain Freeport. But it's just coincidence coincided proposal,” he concluded.

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